Mannequin portant une robe de la ONE collection de tem pimenta

tem pimenta presents the ethical and responsible ONE collection of clothing for men and women. Manufacturing processes and raw materials fulfill strict criteria of quality, ethics and sustainability.

tem pimenta garments combine comfort and originality: a pure style with singular cuts that ideally highlight feminine and masculine shapes. Elegance and ease are the main characteristics of these light clothes in soft materials. The timeless creations are designed to be worn without “use-by dates”.

tem pimenta is part of the “slow fashion” movement and encourages its customers to consume less but better. Quality, sustainability and ethics are key values for us.

Pascale Tschopp dans son atelier de couture

tem pimenta aims to offer quality clothing while respecting ethical manufacturing conditions.

Until 2019, part of the production was located in India where the designer Pascale Tschopp used to travel regularly to meet her partners and make sure of their working conditions. Currently, every piece is created and produced locally in Switzerland.

Pascale Tschopp is the founder and designer of tem pimenta. Since 2013, she has been passionately working to achieve both her creative and ethical goals.

Ethical fashion = labels and certifications


Certification labels represent a certain cost, for the producer, for the brand and for the consumer. But they are the best guarantee too. Indeed, it implies that a specialized independent body certifies the manufacturing processes and/or working conditions according to strict and precise criteria.
These certification labels are much more demanding than a self-checking process. Today, many companies are surfing the wave of ethical fashion and define themselves as such, without having been controlled.
Last but not least certification labels enable companies to develop sustainable strategies that respect the environment and their employees.

The ONE collection of tem pimenta is sewn with GOTS certified organic cotton, oeko-tex cotton or linen. Dyes are natural or oeko-tex certified. We also collaborate with a WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) certified workshop and with craftsmen who print fabrics using wooden stamps: block printing.

In our shop, the corresponding manufacturing processes and labels are described precisely for each item.